Malaysia: A Colourful Holiday Location

Are you planning to go on a holiday to Malaysia? Well, Malaysia is also known as Penang or Sarawak. Malaysia is an eastern coastal region of Southeast Asian nation occupying strategic areas of the southern peninsula and Borneo. It is popular for its fantastic beaches, rain forests, and rich blend of Malay, Chinese, and European cultural influence. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, houses many skyscrapers including the iconic, 4th floor Petronas twin towers, a monument to the country’s wealth and architectural wonders.

The three most popular public holidays in Malaysia are celebrated across the country: Chinese New Year, National Holiday, and Mindful Festival. Chinese New Year is celebrated from mid-January to mid-February, national Holidays in Malaysia are held on different dates like that of the Chinese New Year. The government generally announces a series of activities and events that will commemorate the Chinese heritage and influence upon Malaysia. For example, in mid-February, the government will hold a series of activities that will mark the 70th anniversary of independence for Malaysia. It will be a week-long series of cultural performances and workshops to enhance the understanding between the people of the two countries.

On average, Malaysia has four major national holidays. A majority of these holidays fall in November and December; Malaysia celebrates various national holidays with great zeal and enthusiasm. In addition, it is common for local festivals to fall on the same day each year. These include Hindu festivals such as Ganesh Chai, Dussehra, Guru Nanak Jaya, Karu Wayanad, Malaysia’s biggest religious festival, Holi, to name a few; Chinese traditional lantern festival (Tung Teo), Chinese New Year and so on. Malaysia celebrates its major festivals through a great variety of entertainment and competitions, such as:

The Chinese New Year celebration in Malaysia is one of the most widely attended and colorful occasions. Local celebrations include extravagant parades, workshops, cultural performances, and traditional Chinese food delicacies. It is also celebrated with great vigor by the locals, as it falls on a weekday rather than a Friday. For Chinese people, fasting is very important, so fasting on this day is seen as an important festival. During the Chinese New Year, many places in Malaysia, from central Malaysia to East Malaysia, are decorated with colorful lanterns and other Chinese decorations, and travelers traveling to this part of the world are advised to take a look at these celebrations before setting off on their travels.

The second-largest national festival in Malaysia is Friday New Year’s Day. On this day, Chinese families in return for money to send colorful Chinese coins and other gifts to guests and neighbors. It is also celebrated with immense vigor in Penang. The whole process of November is marked by extravagance and joy. Tourists traveling to this part of the world are advised to join in the celebrations and to take advantage of the November rush in the markets.

The coming of the National Holiday in Malaysia means that the whole month of January is the most active and lively time of the year for locals. Here people come out of their houses to celebrate life, traditions, and of course, food. A typical Malayan holiday is full of fun and merriment, with many local festivals celebrated along with the major national holidays. It is best to explore this vibrant country and discover the true color of Malaysia by exploring its festivals and celebrations.

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