France Visa – Which One is Right For You?

The demand to acquire France visa for tourists is very much dependent on the nationality of the tourist. If you are a national of one of the countries mentioned above then obtaining a visa to France will not be difficult. However, a visa for France is needed by people of foreign countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Botswana, Chad, Congo, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Micronesia, North Korea, Uzbekistan, and several others. Hence, it will become difficult to obtain the visa without the help of the French embassy. On the other hand, if your nationality is not mentioned above then visa for France becomes a bit difficult to obtain.

The easiest way to apply for the visa is through the consulate of your own country or an organization that has a connection with the French embassy. They will provide you the application form and guidance on how to proceed after you fill it. Once you fill it correctly then send it by registered mail to the nearest consulate of your own country or the nearest agency that is authorized to issue a fiance visa.

There are three main France visa categories which are available for a tourist who is applying for the first time for a vacation or business trip to France. These categories are economic, non-immigrant, and visitor. The economic category is the best suited for those who are coming for a short stay and are not planning to migrate into France. The three categories of France visa are: visitor, non-immigrant, and business.

The economic guest category is one of the easiest to get a French visa in. This visa does not require the person to stay in France for ninety days. The only requirement is that the visitor must register at the local port of call for at least five consecutive days. The advantage of this category is that the applicant can remain in France for up to ninety days if they have not registered as a visitor. The benefit of this type of French visa is that it allows visitors to travel around the world without any hassles.

The third category, which is also the most popular amongst the tourists, is the tourist. This category includes the people who are planning to visit France for business or pleasure but is not eligible for the tourist visa. The purpose of the tourist visa in this case is to visit a foreign country for the purpose of visiting schools, hospitals, and other institutions of higher learning in a foreign land. However, the tourist visa does not restrict the duration of stay in a country for the purposes of business or holiday.

The short-stay France visa category allows the tourists to stay in France for up to three months. This is the category for people who intend to visit France for tourist purposes. People from these categories are allowed to work in the French labor market for up to a year. This short-stay France visa category also allows the people to stay in the country for a maximum of three months and can apply for an extension of their stay if they find the need for one.

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